Queensberry Albums are one of the worlds leading wedding album company’s, used widely by the worlds top wedding photographers.

It’s products, materials and finish are of the highest quality available today.

The Queensberry Press

Simple, accessible, affordable, gorgeous. The Queensberry Press is a range of books and albums in six sizes and three distinctive page types.

All are printed using six-colour digital offset technology, which means we can offer six strikingly different paper stocks.

Books and albums are different. In albums, photographic prints are mounted onto solid base pages. Albums turn images into art, like works framed in a very personal gallery.

In the past the prints were always mounted behind mats, but today’s albums are often un-matted (“flushmount”). We offer both. Because the images in books are printed directly on the pages, they are lighter and more flexible, and the books can hold more images.

Press Books

Press-printed perfect-bound books with light pages in satin, photo-quality, or art stocks.

Press Albums

Press-printed flushmount and matted albums. Images can be printed on satin, photo-quality, or art stocks.


Quensberry Albums

Queensberry Albums offer four page types and ten different sizes…


A contemporary fusion of matted, full bleed and flushmount pages. They enable you to combine Matted and Flushmount pages in the same album, and to bleed images out to the edge of matted pages on one or more sides.

Classic Matted

Classically beautiful matted albums with traditional edged pages.

Digital Flushmount

Contemporary, un-matted albums of the highest quality. Beautiful fully-bound,
un-matted albums with traditional photographic printing.